Jason Statham 10 Facts

Ten cool things you probably never knew about Jason Statham

Jason Statham has become one of Hollywood’s go-to action stars. Whether he’s an assassin in The Mechanic or a mercenary in The Expendables, Statham always has high-energy, exciting roles. Get to know one of our favourite action stars a little more with these fun facts.

1. He’s a champion diver

He was a member of the British National Diving Team and competed in the Olympics and in the World Championships, where he finished 12th in 1992.

2. He does his own stunts

In the movie The Transporter, Statham did nearly all of his own stunts, including the fight scenes, diving scene and car action scenes.

3. He was a model

His career got started after he was discovered by a model scout, and appeared in campaigns for Levi Strauss and French Connection. He often scowled instead of smiled, which got the attention of director Guy Ritchie who cast him in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

4. He has a famous voice

Video game enthusiasts should recognise his voice. Jason Statham is the voice of Sgt Waters in the game Call of Duty. He also played Shrike in Red Faction II.

5. He plays chess

He’s pretty used to calling “Checkmate!” Jason Statham enjoys playing chess, and even plays Guy Ritchie for money.

6. He’s good at soccer

Jason Statham loves playing soccer, and even joined the Hollywood United Football Club to play amateur soccer for a while.

7. He shows up in some surprising places

‘90s music video enthusiasts might remember Jason Statham for his cameos in some videos, including Erasure’s Run to the Sun.

8. He’s a groom-to-be

Jason Statham and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley recently announced their engagement.

9. He’s had some close calls

While filming The Expendables and doing his own stunts, Jason had a few scary moments. He was the gunner on a plane in one scene, and after they finished shooting the pilot realised that the engine had been leaking.

10. He’s an illustrated man

Comic book authors look to Statham for inspiration. Rumour has it that writer Brian Michael Bendis had illustrator Mark Bagley make the villain Vulture in Ultimate Spider-Man resemble him.

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