Please stop doing this at restaurants!

Please stop doing this at restaurants!

What is the most annoying thing you can do when dining? Real waiters and waitresses tell you the truth …

Don’t touch the tray
“The only thing that bothers me is when people take things off or load up my tray while I’m carrying it. Just don’t touch it! It isn’t always easy to balance a heavy tray of drinks and you will throw off my balance.”

Quit stacking glasses
“Not quite that area but in the bar I used to work in, the glasses were easily damaged when stacked. We were meant to unstack them when we collected them from tables so it was just a pain for us when customers stacked them.”

Just give your name
“Customers often didn’t want to give me their names when I took their orders, but the computer won’t complete the order without one so I was just putting in whatever came to mind. Apparently, a customer was upset that I named him ‘Spock’, and conned my manager out of free pizza because he was so offended.”

Leave napkins on the table
“Please don’t put your napkins in your cups. We just have to fish them out. And that’s gross.”

Leave a real tip
“A Bible verse is not a tip.”

Believe it or not, people actually do this. Granted, they probably think that they’re helping the server in some way by giving them what they deem to be an uplifting and inspiring message. However, that message isn’t going to help that server pay their bills.

Just wait for the table
“Please don’t sit down on a dirty table. The other customers may have just left or I’ve been too busy to turn it around properly.”

Tell them if the food’s good
“When I ask if the food is okay and everyone just stares at me silently because they don’t have any complaints and are waiting for someone else in the group to speak. If it’s good, everyone say it’s good.”

Be patient
“The one thing that covers the broad spectrum of being helpful to us is to just be patient with us. People sometimes say, ‘Well, I had a terrible server this one time …’, and that devolves into an extrapolation about how that one server so complicated their lives that they now carry a healthy mistrust of anyone in the food service industry. We know there are a few bad eggs out there amongst our ranks. We try very hard not to be that person, even if our jobs exhaust us.”

Speak up
“If I mess your order don’t call my manager, it’s not cool to get me fired because your sandwich was missing mayonnaise. Instead you can tell me personally and I’ll make your sandwich free of charge and remake it for ya.”

Split the bill early
“It’s okay to split the bill. Just tell the server right off the bat so they can keep all the drinks/food orders separate in the terminal and in their notebook. So much easier than at the end suddenly wanting to split and they’re looking at a table full of multiple empty beer steins and are stuck going through each customer’s order like an idiot.”

Get your payment ready
“It is way better to have your card ready and give it to us when dropping off the bill than let the bill sit on the table for 20 minutes. We have no choice but to walk by every two minutes to see if you are ready to pay; half the people get pissed off if we let them sit with it too long and the other half gets pissed off if they feel rushed.”

Don’t hand them things
“There’s usually a method to clearing the table of dishes, and if I’m handed a plate when I’m not prepared for it, it throws off my rhythm and I won’t be able to achieve maximum dirty dish carrying efficiency. If you want to help make everything easy for me to grab on my own-by placing it on the end of the table, for example. unless you’re at a fancy restaurant, then don’t move anything.”

If possible, don’t linger
“When you’re done eating your entrée or dessert and you’re all finished with your meal, if we’re busy or closing, GET OUT. You’re either costing the server money by sitting there and not letting them fill another table, or you’re making them wait for you to leave. I work at a restaurant where the server can’t leave until his/her section is empty.”

Skip the small talk
“Starting conversations with me during rushes … I get that you’re trying to be friendly, but I have other guests waiting and every unnecessary second I spend chatting with you takes time from other NEEDY people. They get upset, don’t tip, and I lose wages.”

No plate-stacking
“Not me, but my cousin said that unless you stack plates right, it’s super annoying. Like not cleaning them off completely, not stacking biggest to smallest, not putting cutlery on top, etc.”

No dad jokes
“If I ask, ‘Is there anything else I can get you?’, and you say, ‘A million dollars’, I will forever hate you.”

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