Out of the frying pan, into the bedroom

Out of the frying pan, into the bedroom

Nearly 85% of women say they find men who can cook unbelievably sexy…60% say their husbands don’t cook at all!

The recipe for a great love affair is found in the kitchen, according to a revealing new survey — and it seems the way to a cheating woman’s bed is through her stomach.

A dating website for married and attached people looking to cheat asked 2,854 of its cheating female members whether they like a man who is good in the kitchen as well as in the bedroom — and why.

Seven in every 10 women say they prefer a lover who knows how to tantalize her taste buds by cooking up a storm; a change to their home life where only 40% say their husband puts some effort in when it comes to preparing meals.

The number one reason women prefer their lovers to cook is very basic: nearly 85% say they just find it downright sexy. 63% say they like a man with a more equal approach and who doesn’t view cooking as a task for women. More than 50% say they like the opportunity to taste and try new cuisines. Only 19% said they prefer men who cook because it leads to romance.

When dinner is served, eating in a sensual manner becomes a weapon of seduction: three-quarters of cheating women said they think eating can look very sexy, and play with their food when their lover cooks for them.

Results of the survey

Does your husband cook?
Yes — 41%
No — 59%

Do you prefer a lover who cooks?
Yes, preferably — 69%
No, it doesn’t matter to me — 31%

Do you use eating as a weapon of seduction?
Yes, you can look really sexy with the way
you eat — 76%
No, I don’t find eating sexy at all — 24%

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